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Winter jeans are your cozy companion through the chilly season, blending style and warmth in every thread. Find the perfect pair of skinny jeans to tuck into boots. Or try a pair of wide leg, flare or bootcut jeans to glide over winter shoes. Pair these winter jeans essentials with sweaters for a classic, comfortable look for casual days out or a cozy evening indoors. Layer under a sleek leather jacket or cozy puffer coat and add a pair of sturdy boots to tackle colder days in style. Accessorize with a colorful hat and scarf for a playful touch. Jeans are both a winter wardrobe staple and perfect for transitioning to Spring fashion .

Discover the exclusive GUESS denim collection, where we celebrate the endless versatility of women's jeans, jean jackets, and other modern takes on a style classic.

Straight Jeans

Embrace the classic charm with our straight jeans. Perfectly balancing comfort and style, these jeans are a wardrobe staple for every woman. They effortlessly align with your natural silhouette, offering a sleek and streamlined look that's both versatile and flattering.

Mom Jeans

Step into the nostalgic allure of our mom jeans. With a nod to vintage fashion, these high-waisted, slightly loose-fitting jeans provide both comfort and retro chic. Pair them with anything from sneakers to heels, and watch as they elevate your style quotient.

Wide & Flare Jeans

Make a bold fashion statement with our wide and flare jeans. These jeans are perfect for those who love to stand out and dare to be different.

Skinny Jeans

Discover the enduring allure of our skinny jeans, designed to hug your curves in all the right places and give a sleek, sophisticated, everyday look. Whether dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual day, they're an absolute must-have.

High Rise Jeans

Rise above the rest in elegance and comfort with a pair of high-rise jeans. Designed to sit comfortably above the waist, high rise jeans offer a flattering fit that elongates the legs and accentuates your waistline.

Mid Rise Jeans

Our mid-rise jeans are the epitome of everyday comfort and style. Sitting naturally on the hips, they provide a relaxed fit that's perfect for any casual or day-to-day occasion.

Low Rise Jeans

For those who love contemporary styles, our low-rise jeans are an ideal choice. Sitting low on the waist, they offer a modern and edgy look that give a nod to the ‘90s style jeans that ruled the decade.

Light Wash Jeans

Bask in the soft and relaxed vibe of our light wash jeans. Perfect for a laid-back, casual look, they're a great choice for daytime outings.

Medium Wash Jeans

Our medium wash jeans are a versatile option, easily transitioning from day to night. They strike the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated.

Dark Wash Jeans

For a more refined and elegant look, opt for our dark wash jeans. Ideal for evening wear, they lend an air of sophistication to any outfit.

Denim Jackets

Complete your denim ensemble with our stylish denim jackets. They're the perfect layering piece, adding a touch of cool to any outfit, and are as functional as they are fashionable.
The GUESS denim collection offers stretch denim, 100% cotton options, and environmentally conscious choices with recycled denim, ensuring a perfect fit for every preference and lifestyle. Our stretch denim redefines comfort, molding to your shape for a tailor-made feel. For the purists, our 100% cotton denim options are a tribute to timeless style that offer a classic, structured look that ages beautifully. And for the eco-conscious fashionista, our sustainable denim options containing recycled denim and fibers, organic cotton or eco-friendly plant based fibers are a stylish step towards sustainability. These materials not only make our denim look good but also do good, helping reduce fashion's footprint on our planet.
Every piece in our collection is a blend of tradition and innovation, designed to delight denim enthusiasts whether they’re in search of comfort, authenticity, or sustainability. Find jeans that not only fit your body but your lifestyle as well.

In 1981 GUESS revolutionized women's denim with the launch of the Marciano brothers iconic stonewashed, slim-cut jeans. These not only redefined women’s jeans but also marked the inception of GUESS as a trailblazer in fashion. The introduction of the stonewashed jeans with the instantly recognizable triangle on the back pocket brought a fresh, avant-garde look to denim combining casual comfort with a chic, sophisticated aesthetic.
GUESS continued to lead the denim revolution, introducing bold designs that married functionality with high fashion. Becoming synonymous with a daring, youthful spirit, encapsulating the vibrant energy and optimism of the era, GUESS jeans were more a piece of clothing; they were a statement, a symbol of rebellious elegance and effortless style.
From the 1990s to today the GUESS jeans collection expanded with new textures, cuts, and washes while always maintaining the core ethos of sexy sophistication and trendsetting design.
Today our jeans and denim for women remain at the pinnacle of casual fashion, continually evolving with the changing tides of style yet always remaining true to the GUESS heritage.