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Diversity & Inclusion

Our longstanding commitment to Diversity and Inclusion comes to life each day as we work together to maintain a fair and inclusive workplace. Our aim is for all of our GUESS Family to feel comfortable and safe bringing their authentic selves to any experience with our brand, which will contribute fully to our shared success.




Roles Held by Women



Positions Held by BIPOC

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“We believe it is time to build a more
loving, respectful, unified world,
and we are committed to doing our part.”

- Carlos Alberini & Paul Marciano
CEO & Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of GUESS, Inc.


  • Job descriptions – We revised the language in our employment listings to ensure that it is inclusive, reflects our global brand, and emphasizes our commitment to diversity.
  • Performance appraisals – Employee reviews now include questions on what associates have done to encourage and integrate diverse ideas into the company culture.
  • Health benefits – We clarified the language in our benefits plans to better communicate our pre-existing coverage of gender transition services to normalize the topic and create a safe work environment.


  • Maintain gender pay parity at all professional levels and geographic regions (2025).
  • 100% of Managers covered with unconscious bias training (2025).
  • Develop training and advancement opportunities to promote positive change for women (2025).
  • Review company marketing and advertising materials and maintain plans to ensure diverse representation (ongoing).


  • Offer Diversity and Inclusion training programs at all levels.
  • Facilitate a variety of events to promote the inclusion of marginalized groups, support differing communication styles, and share the benefits of diversity in our business.
  • Provide supplier training to factory personnel to increase their awareness and understanding of the GUESS Supplier Code of Conduct, with the goal of preventing social and environmental missteps.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

Established 2020
Our Diversity and Inclusion Council aims to foster a workplace where employees enjoy a sense of community, belonging, and opportunity for dialogue. This council supports the integration of Diversity and Inclusion throughout the business, focusing on inclusive leadership, employee training, and a work environment that promotes growth and opportunity for all.
*Figures based on FY2022-23 ESG Report