We share a connection with the people around the world who farmed the cotton, worked in the mills and cut and sewed our garments with skill and dedication. GUESS is committed to ensuring that the workers in our supply chain are treated with dignity, paid fairly and provided with safe and healthy workplaces.

Industry Collaboration
In 2015, Guess?, Inc. joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to leverage industry collaboration in support of sustainable production. The SAC is a trade organization working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.

Social Compliance Program
We are committed to sourcing GUESS apparel in a responsible manner, respecting the countries in which we conduct business, our business partners and the workers who produce our clothing. Although local laws and customs vary in different regions of the world, we believe that issues of business ethics, human rights, health, safety and environmental stewardship transcend geographical boundaries.

As a condition of doing business, GUESS requires that suppliers comply with all laws applicable to the country in which the merchandise is manufactured, including but not limited to laws against child or forced labor and unsafe working conditions. To further ensure the protection of workers, GUESS has adopted and issued a clear statement of standards in a detailed Supplier Code of Conduct and Global Sourcing Vendor Manual.

The GUESS Supplier Code of Conduct is the foundation of our Social Compliance Program, which involves supplier factory approval, monitoring, remediation and continuous improvement...