The effects of climate change and growing populations are causing water shortages in many regions. The fashion industry uses a lot of water in manufacturing processes, which can be detrimental to local water sources if not properly managed. To help address these issues, GUESS is focusing on testing and conserving water resources at key mills and is working to continuously expand these efforts.

Wastewater Management Program

We believe that the strength of our supply chain relationships and our ability to help our suppliers improve their environmental performance are the keys to our success.

As a company known for denim and apparel, a major component of our supply chain environmental impact is the water used and discharged by mills and supplier factories during production.

We encourage tier one suppliers, those from which we purchase directly, for Guess US and Guess Canada to be aware of their water impact and work towards full compliance and continuous improvement. We offer resources and direct on-site support to help them improve their wastewater management practices. For example, in Mexico we assisted one of our largest denim suppliers to implement a wastewater quality testing system in their on-site treatment facility, allowing the factory to monitor the quality of its effluent daily. The factory is currently increasing its wastewater recycling efforts and is exploring a new initiative to reduce water use in production.

We are increasing our focus on supply chain areas where we have the most influence, starting with wastewater compliance at our key mills. By reaching out to these mills we are strengthening our partnerships with our suppliers and responding to the concerns of NGOs that have called attention to water pollution issues in apparel production.